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What ‘s Your Brand?

More and more recruiters are using social media to recruit and find viable candidates. One of the most popular platforms for social networking is Linkedin. They tout themselves as the “world’s largest professional network”. Linkedin can be used to find the right job, connect and strengthen your professional network and relationships, and showcase your unique professional story. The social media platform, Facebook, is an old standby for recruiters, and employers are legally allowed to view your Facebook profile. There has never been a better time to make sure that your social media is reflective of your personal and professional brand.

Recruiters are also imploring passive recruiting techniques.  Passive recruiting targets candidates that are not currently seeking employment versus active recruiting that targets candidates that are looking for employment. Don’t be surprised if employers reach out to you with job offers even if you are not looking. The better your social media brand looks, the more attention you will get. You never know when the perfect job will come your way, even if you are not currently in the market for one.

However, the wrong image or post on social media can be a deterrent for potential employers and damage your professional relationships. One has to be mindful, especially on Facebook, to make sure that your content can not be construed as vulgar, provocative, discriminating, political, or negative. If you just have to share your college spring break memories, you might want to adjust your Facebook privacy settings. You are your own best public relations contact. Take yourself seriously and make sure to not overshare, over post, or share anything that is over the top.

Do your homework to help make your Linkedin profile express the best of your professional brand. Start by making sure that your profile has a great photo. Turn your summary into a story, and make sure that you share relevant content. Think about publishing a blog. Your Linkedin presence needs to reflect your skill set, experience and education. Don’t be a show off with your skills, but don’t undersell yourself either. Your profile should reflect your current or last role. Don’t “puff the goods”, and make sure that what you say you have done, you actually can do.

Establishing your social media brand can almost feel like a full-time job, but don’t be dismayed. Work on your profiles a little at the time, and make sure that you keep them current. There are many social media platforms for you to use for self-expression, but make sure the most popular ones show the image you want the professional world to see.

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