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Are You Having A Revelation about the” Great Resignation”?

The “Great Resignation” has become an era defining phrase. It arose out of the post- Covid pandemic and identifies many employees who are actively looking to resign from their current positions and are looking for a new job. The “Great Resignation” movement has become a social media trend on Tik Tok and Reddit. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a record 4 million Americans quit their jobs in July, and the website Monster reported 95% of employees are considering changing jobs.

A lack of employee loyalty seems to be at its highest risk among the younger generations. Research conducted by Paychek, Inc. showed that Gen-Z and Millennial workers are more likely to want to change jobs with Boomers and Gen Xers more likely to stay put. Their research concluded that 44% of Gen Zers are actively seeking a new job versus 11% of Boomers.

There are many factors at play that are inspiring workers to change jobs.  Employees that went from working at the brick-and-mortar office to working from home do not want to return. Some employees discovered new talents and passions and feel unfulfilled in their current positions.  Many more employees simply do not want to return to work after being on extended unemployment benefits.

If you have had a revelation about resigning, do not go into the job search unprepared. Remember that 4 million disgruntled employees made the jump in July of 2021 and that many more may make the leap before the resignation revolution is over. Make sure that you make the jump into a new position and not a jump into the unemployed.

To counteract this rapidly evolving trend, many employers are turning to staffing agencies to fill their many vacancies that have been created by employees who have not returned or who have jumped ship. WorkForce Walker Personnel has the tools to make your transition seamless. Our seasoned Recruiters can help you identify what you are looking for in your next position and guide you through the interview phase.  WorkForce Walker Personnel also has temporary positions available in case you want to try on a new position without the commitment. A temporary position is the perfect way to continue to bring in income while you figure out your next move.

If you have been bitten by the resignation bug, give us a call at 334-265-0100. We would love the opportunity to help place you in the perfect, new position.

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