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Staffing Agencies: More Than Just a Temp Service

Be more efficient and productive in your hiring process by utilizing a staffing agency to fulfill your employment needs! Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Why would I spend money doing that?”. Well, here are the Top 5 Reasons to use a Staffing Agency to fill your positions!

  1. Flexibility: Most staffing agencies can offer different avenues to employ a candidate, so you can find what works best for your needs. Want to try before you buy? That’s a Try & Hire. Only need someone for a day or two? Most agencies have qualified people on hand for those “Oh, no, someone called out and we need a fill in” moments. Agencies also handle all the details, so that companies don’t have to worry about it. No one likes informing an employee that their assignment has been ended. Luckily, agencies are trained to handle such situations with professionalism and tact, relieving employers of the responsibility and freeing them up to move on to their next candidate.
  1. Saves Money: Now, you are thinking “Okay, that’s great and all, but I’ll still have to pay the agency to do all of this”. Well, you aren’t wrong, but, once you factor in all that goes into hiring a person, such as benefits, worker’s compensation, taxes, and training, the amount you are already spending adds up and you don’t have the benefit of an easy out if the candidate doesn’t work out. Staffing agencies save you money by providing all the payroll, benefits, etc., for the employee themselves. They also cut down on the need for training on your end because they find the candidates that are ready to hit the ground running.
  1. Saves Time: You have an opening- what’s next? Now, you have to create a job posting, sort and search through tons of resumes just to find the few that come close to qualifying, then you have to interview and deal with the disappointment of not finding the right candidate. By using a staffing agency, you get to skip all of that! Agencies have skilled recruiters that are trained to write job postings, efficiently screen mass amounts of resumes, and take the time to thoroughly interview and test candidates to ensure they meet your qualifications.
  1. Expertise: Unless you have a recruiter on staff, odds are that there is someone else that you turn to for hiring, even though they have other responsibilities. This person may not know the ins and outs of efficient recruiting for your position or your community. Staffing agency recruiters specialize in these aspects. When you hire an agency to fill a position, you can rest easy knowing that they have the best knowledge and resources to find you the perfect candidate quickly. Agencies that have been around for a while have deeper networks and larger, more organized pools of candidates to pull from. The recruiter over your position can also help you figure out what you need. With their knowledge and experience, they can help determine a competitive pay rate, iron out job descriptions, and suggest ideal requirements for practically any position.

As for the fifth reason, this is the reason to specifically hire WorkForce Walker Personnel!

  1. Reputation is everything, and our reputations proceeds us. As a locally owned and operated agency, we have serviced the River Region area in Montgomery, Alabama since 1957. For the past 62 years, clients from the surrounding areas, and even other states, have trusted us to fulfill their staffing needs. What makes us different from other agencies? We boast our own in-house accounting department that provides benefit administration and payroll processing. We have two recruiting departments that specialize in either Industrial or Office & Professional needs. We are in tune with the beat of the community and the present, ever-changing job market, and it keeps us in line to provide the best competitive rates and the most qualified candidates. We care about our employees and our clients, offering the follow up and personal touch to build lasting relationships.

Still nervous about trying a staffing agency? Just give us a call and let us take the stress out of hiring!

Office/Professional: (334) 265‑4100
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