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Inside the Interview: How to Be Successful Using a Staffing Agency

Often, employers will use staffing agencies to help with their hiring needs. We are the ‘middle man’- we want to assist our clients in filling their openings, but we also want you to get that job. So, we do our best to help you get that interview.

On that note, we wanted to give some advice to help you, help us, to help you. Let’s all get on the same page.

First impressions matter.

Always. And, sometimes, you will have a few ‘first’ impressions to think about. Those first few seconds when you walk in the door to an agency or the interview can be more of a ‘make or break’ than you think.

Here’s some advice:

    1. Dress for success. It doesn’t matter if you are coming in just looking to see what is available or about to meet with the President of the company; how you present yourself gives the employer an idea of how you will represent the company.
      Do you have to come in wearing a suit? No! But a button down/blouse and slacks will take you a lot farther than your ironic graphic tee with last night’s marinara stain.
      (Note: Don’t have any ‘business’ attire? That’s okay! Wear the cleanest and neatest clothes you have and make your mannerisms and personality dress you up.)
    2. Manners matter. When you walk through a door, be it to an agency or to the office of the employer, your manners are on stage and they are a reflection of who you are. So, phones off, eyes up, smile, and be articulate. Nothing is more off-putting than someone coming up to inquire about a job with a cell phone attached to their ear and mumbling incomplete phrases. Seriously. Don’t be that person.
    3. Be prepared. Sounds cliché, but it’s important. Going for an interview? Research the company. Have questions? Look at the website first to see if you can answer them yourself. It shows forethought and initiative. Can’t find the answer? Think through your questions to ensure they can be answered quickly and efficiently.

You’ve gotten in the door and now you are sitting with a recruiter. Time to shine!

    1. Keep the manners going. Sit up straight, give them your full attention, be articulate, and PUT THE PHONES AWAY.
    2. When applying, looking, or interviewing for a job, you will be asked about your work history. Know your dates. Bring a resume. Be ready to efficiently and accurately discuss your duties and why you are looking to make a change. Accuracy is important- don’t say you have experience in something when you actually don’t.
    3. Patience is a virtue. Don’t give up- the job market is constantly changing! Follow up is important (but don’t go overboard).

Remember, staffing agencies are here to help you, but you need to do your homework. Be positive, be confident, and be courteous.

Happy interviewing!

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