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How to be the 20%

You have been scouring the Internet for weeks. You have read so many job descriptions you could start writing them yourself. And finally, you see it. Your dream job. The position that was made for you. At the company you have always wanted to work for. You sit back in your chair, stretch, take a deep breath and open the file, ready to send… your resume.

According to InterviewSuccessFormula.com, an average of 118 applications or resumes are submitted for every job opening. Twenty percent of those applicants are invited for an interview. How can you be included in that 20 percent? Your resume is your key. It is the first thing a hiring manager sees. And they will see TONS of them.

As a staffing agency serving Montgomery for over 55 years, we have seen millions of resumes. A resume’s impression is made in the first 30 seconds it is read. The following are some tips our recruiters thought would help you craft the perfect resume:

  • Read the job description and make sure you meet the required qualifications before submitting your resume.
  • Keep it one to two pages, if at possible. Sure, you have pages of stuff to include – save that for the interview (which you won’t get if your resume is too long). Leave out old or irrelevant experience.
  • The “objective” should be realistic, humble, and authentic. Don’t go promising you will increase the company’s profits by 200% within the first week.
  • Do not include personal information – height, weight, how many kids you have, how long you have been married, etc.
  • Do not include a photo or use clip-art. Simple is always best.
  • Do not use complete sentences or be too “wordy”.
  • Tailor your resume to the position you are applying for.
  • Do use “keywords”. Imagine you are searching resumes online for the position you are applying for. What keywords would you search for? What skills and experience would you search for?
  • Don’t lie. Paint yourself in the best light possible but don’t exaggerate or mislead.
  • If you held multiple positions through a staffing agency, include this as one assignment, with the agency as your employer. In the description, briefly explain your duties and responsibilities for those positions.
  • If your employment with a company ended because they closed, indicate that on your resume.
  • If you wish to include references, add professional references only, not personal.
  • Proofread your resume. Have a friend proofread it, to catch all the things your eyes will miss. If you are submitting your resume via email, email it to a friend exactly as you would to the prospective employer, so they can see it exactly as your intended recipient will, and you can be certain your files will open properly.

Your resume is your opportunity to sell yourself to that employer. It is your ticket into that interview. Look it over and ask yourself, “Would I consider myself for this position?”

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” – Will Rogers

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