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Ready, Set, Interview

You have submitted your resume for that dream job. They called you and now you have the chance to sweep them off their feet – to inspire them to greatness with summaries of your education and hands-on experience, to amaze them with tales of your previous employment, to fascinate them with your fashion sense. It all comes down to this – the interview.

Of course, you are the most qualified. But so is the guy sitting next to you, and the guy who interviewed yesterday, not to mention the three guys interviewing tomorrow.

You need to stand out amongst the crowd. How do you do that? Steal the Boy Scouts’ motto. Use the time before your interview to get prepared:

  • Think about the questions you may be asked and prepare your responses.
  • Write them down if you need to and don’t be afraid to bring your notes with you (preferably typed, not handwritten).
  • Research the company and be able to share why your key experiences and skills make you the perfect candidate for the position.
  • Make note of any questions you would like to ask during the interview.
  • Create a list of achievements and specific projects that relate to the position.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your background, reasons you left a position, etc.
  • Don’t depend on GPS – always have accurate directions to the interview location and know who you are meeting with.
  • Make sure you have cash for parking, extra copies of your resume, work samples or portfolio, notepad and pen, list of references, and business or contact cards if you have them.

Going into the interview fully prepared will not only equip you with great responses, it will help calm your nerves and give you the confidence and assurance you need to focus your energy on helping your potential employer see that YOU are the right person for the job.

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