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Remote Interviewing

The days of putting on your best business suit and interviewing in person may be a thing of the past. As we adjust to our “new normal”, employers are having to become creative in the interviewing process. Many are conducting interviews remotely via telephone or Zoom meetings; however, you should not take this as the opportunity to lose your interviewing polish. Here are a few tips to help you navigate a remote interview and land that dream job!

  • Make sure that you pick a good location to conduct the interview. Pick out a quiet and tranquil location. Think about your location ahead of time, and make sure that you are in place well before your interview time. Turn off or put away any distractions. Now is the time to make sure the dog is not going to go into a full-on barking rant. Additionally, if you interview via a Zoom call or another video conferencing call, make sure your interview area is neat. The interviewer does not need to see your unfolded laundry or unmade bed.
  • Dress professionally. Your interviewer might not be able to see you, but dressing the part will put you in the correct mindset for an interview. Wearing something that you feel professional in will give you much more confidence than your sweatpants and t-shirt. Also, don’t try the TV trick of putting on a business jacket on the top and pajama pants on the bottom. The interviewer’s viewing angle might be such that you would be mortified if you could see what he/she saw.
  • If your interview is via phone, sit near a mirror. Make sure that you smile. Your interviewer will be impressed with how enthusiastic and friendly you sound. If you are interviewing remotely via a video conferencing application, make sure that you smile frequently.
  • Do not forget to speak clearly and keep the flow of the conversation casual but professional. Do your research so that you are prepared to pose a few well-intentioned questions. Make sure that you know what role the person you are talking to has, and keep your answers concise and directed.
  • Lastly, make sure that your phone, computer, or tablet being used for the interview is completely charged.

With a little bit of preparation, you can set the tone for a successful remote interview. Conduct your side of the remote interview the same as if you were sitting in front of the interviewer, but take advantage of the comfort of being in your own space.

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