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Interview Red Flags

Job seekers can find a wealth of information on interview tips. Most of us know to dress professionally, put our best foot forward, and polish up our resumes, but many of us do not know common “red flags’’ that can deter employers from hiring you. The website Reddit conducted an informal poll of interview behavior that employers found alarming. Here are a few tips for what not to do on your job interview.

  1. Never be late. Employers know that if you are late for the interview you are more than likely going to have a chronic attendance problem. Plan on taking a practice run to the interview site if you are going to be interviewed in person. If the interview is going to be conducted remotely, plan on making sure you are connected to the internet and everything is ready to go at the appointed time.
  2. Never be rude. Even if you don’t get the warm fuzzies from the hiring professional, never be curt or disrespectful. Bear in mind that most hiring professionals know other hiring professionals.
  3. Never interrupt. Make sure that you give the person conducting the interview the floor. You are there to answer questions, so let the interviewer take the lead. Resist the temptation to talk over him or her. If you do make the mistake of speaking out of turn, make sure you apologize.
  4. Never, and this means never disclose sensitive information from a previous employer. Your potential new employer will immediately think you are not trust worthy. Don’t get drawn into a trap of giving information to the interviewer that is sensitive in nature, and don’t air your previous employer’s dirty laundry.
  5. Never curse or use unprofessional language. Don’t use slang words.
  6. Never know more than the interviewer. No one likes a know- it- all, including the person who has you in mind for a job opening.
  7. Never overshare. The interview is not the time to talk about your ex-husband, your in-laws, or  how your children have driven you crazy during the pandemic. Sometimes, as we get nervous, we have a tendency to get chatty. Fight the urge to talk about your personal life.

Avoiding these interview red flags can help you land your dream job and keep you from being the nightmare interview story at the next company meeting.

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