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Calming the Butterflies!

You have done the hard work, did your research, went on the interview and got HIRED! Congratulations on your new job!  However, now the sweaty palms, increased heart rate and the butterflies. Your mind is racing with all the questions pertaining to the who, what, and where for the initial first day of work.

First day jitters are a real thing! NO frets; many people experience these sometimes-overwhelming feelings. Relax, relate and release!

Here are a few tips to help you calm those butterflies so you can have a calming and successful first day on your new job.

Wake-up 15 minutes earlier.  Start your day right, and make sure you eat breakfast! Getting an early start will help you master your new commute to work and learn the flow of traffic.  This will also help with finding parking, walking the parking lot, taking the stairs or elevator. You don’t want to be late or out of breath from running on the first day. You might even want to try a practice lap the day before!

There is no need for a GPS! Take a few minutes, once you are settled, to get the lay of the land. Find out where the break-room, restroom and supply closets are located. Don’t forget to locate the emergency exits as well! These are ALL important locations to become familiar with; and becoming knowledgeable of all the nooks and crannies will help you feel at ease.

Get to know your co-workers! It is often thought that inviting yourself to an event is considered rude! Well this rule can be bent a bit for this occasion.  Invite yourself or extend an invitation to go with your office mate on a break or even lunch.  This will help you get to know your other co-workers, and get some company insight.

Staying calm takes some practice.  Remember, you got hired because you are AWESOME!  You are not going to know everything on day one. It takes time to learn a new position. Remind yourself that everyone was new at one time and take a few deep breathes for good measure!


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